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Welcome to P & R Plumbing and Heating. We are a family run business with a team of highly trained and qualified technicians receiving frequent training on New York City most commonly used appliances and are on call 24 hours a day. 

We offer a fast, professional and friendly service at competitive rates with a quality after care service. We carry out all types of heating, gas fitting, boiler, boilers, plumbing and fireplace works in and around New York City. We have locally based central heating engineers living in all areas allowing us to provide a fast and cost effective response for all your central heating and hot water problems.


Faucet and fixture

Number of combination faucets installed in the bathroom is important, too. It would be better to choose independent combination faucets for bathtub, shower, wash sink and bidet because combination of several functions by one combination faucet is not beneficial for the quality of their performance. If you have rather small bathroom and you don't have a shower cabin, then you may choose one combination faucet for bathtub and shower and one faucet for a wash sink.

Types of combination faucets according to places of installation.

So, what's the difference between combination faucets for bathtub and shower? First of all, combination faucets for shower are more compact, they do not have the tap and bathtub/shower switch. Water flows right into the shower fittings and is mixed there, so you receive the water of required temperature. Combination faucets used for bathtub are usually with low tap, rotating or fixed. Combination faucets with hand spray and height-adjustable shower holders as well as wall-mounted combination faucets are usually used with bathtubs. Some models are equipped with electronic control system

There is one more difference of bathtub combination faucets: they are designed for three/four apertures. It looks like several handles - for filling of bathtub, for hand spray and so forth.